Three Magic Words That Produce Instant Happiness

NOTE: this is Part II.  You should read Part I – Six Barriers to Happiness first.

What are the magic words guaranteed to instantly evict the unwelcome “negative six emotions” and leave us only feeling our baseline of happiness?

“I am responsible.”

Try it.  Declare, “I am responsible!”

No.  This isn’t hokey.  Okay, maybe it is a little. . . but give it a try.  Right now, declare, “I am responsible!”

Did you feel the power?

If you didn’t feel it, try it again.  “I am responsible!”

The moment you claim 100% responsibility for your life and each event in your life, you immediately get your life back.  And you will immediately begin to see your happiness return.

Accepting 100% responsibility instantly negates the “negative six emotions” and immediately forces your mind to begin working on solutions to the issues upon which the “negative six” have entered your psyche.

Consider that it is NEVER the issue, the event, the situation, or the other person that causes our negative emotions.  We scapegoat and blame those events or people and use them as a means to justify and rationalize our negative emotions.  But they are NOT the cause of our unwanted feelings.  It is our decision, alone, to feel victimized and powerless to change things.

The true cause of negative emotions is being unclear about how we are going to respond to the event, situation, person or issue.

That’s it.  And that will always be it.  Lack of clarity is the root of negative emotions.

So, if negative emotions are the disease; purpose and clarity are the cure.

The moment we accept 100% responsibility – even if we are not clear on the solution, yet – we allow our mind to immediately begin searching for the perfect solution to the problem — instead of employing our mind’s vast capabilities trying to designate a scapegoat and concoct a number of way to blame that person or event for what is wrong in our life.

Take responsibility.  Say aloud, “I am responsible,” and reclaim your life . . . and your happiness.


Six Barriers to Happiness

We all want to be happy. The positive emotion of ‘happiness’ is a by-product of living a purposeful, productive, fulfilling life of service to others.  A purposeful, productive life produces peace of mind and an abundance of joy, truth and love. When you live life in those terms there are only six  barriers to happiness:  the negative emotions of fear, self-pity, envy, jealousy, inferiority, and rage.

We often envision happiness fluctuating up and down like an outdoor Ohio thermometer.  But science tells us that is an inaccurate model of how humans actually experience happiness.  Once a human is purposefully engaged in a productive venture; happiness exists.  If you feel that your work helps others and is worthy of your daily effort — your happiness actually fluctuates very little at all.

What actually occurs when we feel ‘less happy’ than normal is that we are concurrently experiencing one or more of the “negative six emotions.”  When we choose to feel one or more of the “negative six” more powerfully than our happiness, we describe that result as ‘feeling unhappy.’  But the happiness is still there in the background, just as it always is.  We simply cannot feel it as strongly since we are choosing to experience the negative emotion(s) more intensely at that time. To return to the state of happy, then, all that is necessary is to remove the negative emotion(s) interfering with our ability to feel, experience, and appreciate our happiness.

That sounds good in theory.  But removing negative emotions is more difficult than the simplistic advice we are often given to “just think positively.”  Right?   We cannot just say a few magic words and have negative emotions disappear as easily as a magician waves his wand through the air, right?

Well, actually; no.  It is that simple.  Feeling happy requires only the incantation of three magic words.

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Choosing Alternative Road

Choosing an Alternative Road

Cracks, potholes, depressions, ruts, ripples and upheavals are all terms used by asphalt professionals to describe negative conditions in the state of a road.

Notice how many of these terms we have borrowed to describe negative conditions in our emotional life.

We have each been presented with beautiful roads in life — full of lush scenery and fulfilling experiences — if we care to perceive our road that way.

Many of us, though, see our road dotted with potholes, filled with ruts and ripples, and spiderwebbed with cracks. We grumble about the multitude of upheavals in our road, but fail to see – or admit – that we are the reason our road is bumpy.  It soon becomes easier to patch the holes in our road with self-deceptive delusions rather than simply and easily taking responsibility for the condition of our road. We look everyplace except inside ourselves, and find fault with everything except ourselves.

Our first great step is to candidly look inside and recognize that we are creating our own bumpy road.  That realization will help us stop trying to to ‘fix’ our road by blaming others, events and situations for our bumpy ride.  We soon recognize that when we fill our life with forgiveness and gratitude, all the perceived cracks, potholes and upheavals level themselves away.  In truth, we created them all in the first place.

In any area of life where you experience potholes, ruts, upheavals or depression, you might try running through the items below.  Perhaps you will find a more peaceful and fulfilling path.

  1. Accept responsibility for your lack of peace and acknowledge that you may choose to have peace of mind in this moment.
  2. Acknowledge that your lack of peace is not due to someone, or an event or situation, external to you. Identify the negative emotion(s) you are feeling and acknowledge to yourself it is not the negative event but your internal reaction to that event that has brought about the negative emotions you are feeling.
  3. Do not judge or condemn yourself for feeling as you do, just acknowledge the emotions and the reason(s) you have created the/se emotion(s)
  4. Accept that there are alternative ways to perceive this situation.
  5. Choose to see the situation as an opportunity to grow, to learn, to forgive, to express gratitude, and a way of practicing how to choose peace of mind for yourself.
  6. Offer gratitude for this awesome experience, of finding peace of mind where you previously would have created obstructions and chaos in your road.
  7. Forgive yourself and everyone and everything involved in the situation.