Drinking Wonder Water

This Wonder Drink is Amazing!

Soda is the most-consumed beverage in the U.S.  This is frightening because soda is a severe health hazard.  Soft drinks increase the risk of obesity, kidney and heart problems, and stroke, to name but a few.

The solution?  Water.

Yes, I know, good ole H2O is not sexy.

You might say that it is downright boring.

But water is only boring because we fail to contemplate the awesomeness this wonder drink provides.  Consider:

  1. Water doesn’t taste like liver, brussels sprouts, tripe or kimchi and contains no calories, fat, carbohydrates, partially-hydrogenated oil, MSG or sugar.
  2. Almost every cell in the body requires water to function properly. Water helps transport nutrients, regulate body temperature and digest food.
  3. Numerous studies show a positive correlation between water consumption and weight loss.
  4. Water flushes out skin toxins, making skin look healthier, and can reduce acne.
  5. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of dehydration. Water will revitalize you, help you feel more alert and aid in concentration and focus. Studies have shown that even slight dehydration (1-2% less than optimal hydration) can depress your mood and interfere with your ability to think clearly.
  6. Water provides pain relief. Aching joints, muscle cramps, strains and sprains all occur much less frequently when you are optimally hydrated.
  7. Water intake helps prevent sickness, and drinking water shortens the duration of many illnesses. Headaches and migraines are often caused by dehydration.  Research has found that drinking more water reduced the duration and intensity of headaches.
  8. Water helps lessen bad breath by keeping your mouth moist and diluting unsavory oral bacteria.

There are actually many more cool things this wonder drink does for you.  But do you really need more?  Next time you are tempted to drink a soda or beer, chug some water instead.  Make it your routine to drink a couple glasses first thing each morning.

Let’s all work together to kick soda out of the number one spot and make wonder water the most-consumed beverage in the U.S. and the world.  Our bodies, minds, hearts, kidneys, skin, muscles, joints, mouths and weight scales will all thank us.

Gift Life Enjoy Succeed

The Precious Gift of Life

You were given the precious gift of life to enjoy it.  Your Creator wants you to infuse your unique talents, skills, interests and energy into every area of your life.  God empowered you to make your life an act of love.

You have been designed to find your life’s work amazing, fulfilling and rewarding.  You would do it for free, if you did not get paid for it. The Designer always sends the perfect people and resources at the perfect time to empower you to make your dreams a reality, to help you overcome your limitations, to help you enjoy life, and to enable you to unlock your utmost potential.  If you think back on your life, you will see this is true.

But it is not just your work life.  God enabled you to find fulfilment and fun in each sphere of your life.  He wants you to discover beauty in your hobbies and profound relaxation in your leisure pursuits.  He wants you to prosper emotionally and financially.  God wants you to love your friends, family and neighbors so profoundly, that you already live in Heaven.

When you decide to uphold these lofty standards in every facet of your life, and refuse to expect or accept less, you will find you are no longer riddled with regret or plagued by the ‘what-if’ questions you often pose to yourself about your life choices.

Having incredibly high standards leads you closer to God and, perhaps paradoxically, to find tranquility and contentment with all your life’s choices.

Choosing Alternative Road

Choosing an Alternative Road

Cracks, potholes, depressions, ruts, ripples and upheavals are all terms used by asphalt professionals to describe negative conditions in the state of a road.

Notice how many of these terms we have borrowed to describe negative conditions in our emotional life.

We have each been presented with beautiful roads in life — full of lush scenery and fulfilling experiences — if we care to perceive our road that way.

Many of us, though, see our road dotted with potholes, filled with ruts and ripples, and spiderwebbed with cracks. We grumble about the multitude of upheavals in our road, but fail to see – or admit – that we are the reason our road is bumpy.  It soon becomes easier to patch the holes in our road with self-deceptive delusions rather than simply and easily taking responsibility for the condition of our road. We look everyplace except inside ourselves, and find fault with everything except ourselves.

Our first great step is to candidly look inside and recognize that we are creating our own bumpy road.  That realization will help us stop trying to to ‘fix’ our road by blaming others, events and situations for our bumpy ride.  We soon recognize that when we fill our life with forgiveness and gratitude, all the perceived cracks, potholes and upheavals level themselves away.  In truth, we created them all in the first place.

In any area of life where you experience potholes, ruts, upheavals or depression, you might try running through the items below.  Perhaps you will find a more peaceful and fulfilling path.

  1. Accept responsibility for your lack of peace and acknowledge that you may choose to have peace of mind in this moment.
  2. Acknowledge that your lack of peace is not due to someone, or an event or situation, external to you. Identify the negative emotion(s) you are feeling and acknowledge to yourself it is not the negative event but your internal reaction to that event that has brought about the negative emotions you are feeling.
  3. Do not judge or condemn yourself for feeling as you do, just acknowledge the emotions and the reason(s) you have created the/se emotion(s)
  4. Accept that there are alternative ways to perceive this situation.
  5. Choose to see the situation as an opportunity to grow, to learn, to forgive, to express gratitude, and a way of practicing how to choose peace of mind for yourself.
  6. Offer gratitude for this awesome experience, of finding peace of mind where you previously would have created obstructions and chaos in your road.
  7. Forgive yourself and everyone and everything involved in the situation.