Meditation on Love

The love that flows from me has traveled through me.  My love emits out of me with ease.  I no longer put up any barrier for this powerful energy to flow from me.  It can touch whomever it will.  I no longer direct it; I radiate it.  I shine it.  I give it.

My love soars, fuels me.  It must be given out.  I have so much love, I cannot contain it.  I am surrounded by what I love.  I appreciate my surroundings and those in it.  My experiences are directing me to greater expressions of my love.  I open my head, my heart, my arms, my life to love.

My mind is not the gatekeeper to criticize or judge others’ love.  I see everyone as an expression of what they care about and what they love.  I release any boundaries that have been set up before me on who to love, how to love them.  I let those walls come down.

I choose this moment to give more of myself — more of my love.

You can find this meditation, starting at 5.54, here.


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