Six Barriers to Happiness

We all want to be happy. The positive emotion of ‘happiness’ is a by-product of living a purposeful, productive, fulfilling life of service to others.  A purposeful, productive life produces peace of mind and an abundance of joy, truth and love. When you live life in those terms there are only six  barriers to happiness:  the negative emotions of fear, self-pity, envy, jealousy, inferiority, and rage.

We often envision happiness fluctuating up and down like an outdoor Ohio thermometer.  But science tells us that is an inaccurate model of how humans actually experience happiness.  Once a human is purposefully engaged in a productive venture; happiness exists.  If you feel that your work helps others and is worthy of your daily effort — your happiness actually fluctuates very little at all.

What actually occurs when we feel ‘less happy’ than normal is that we are concurrently experiencing one or more of the “negative six emotions.”  When we choose to feel one or more of the “negative six” more powerfully than our happiness, we describe that result as ‘feeling unhappy.’  But the happiness is still there in the background, just as it always is.  We simply cannot feel it as strongly since we are choosing to experience the negative emotion(s) more intensely at that time. To return to the state of happy, then, all that is necessary is to remove the negative emotion(s) interfering with our ability to feel, experience, and appreciate our happiness.

That sounds good in theory.  But removing negative emotions is more difficult than the simplistic advice we are often given to “just think positively.”  Right?   We cannot just say a few magic words and have negative emotions disappear as easily as a magician waves his wand through the air, right?

Well, actually; no.  It is that simple.  Feeling happy requires only the incantation of three magic words.

Click here to read Part II – Three Magic Words That Produce Instant Happiness to find out what they are.


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