Be Kind not Nice

Niceness is a personality trait.  Kindness is a feature of one’s character.

Niceness is a self-serving, self-protecting bunker in which cowards hide — hoping that by not offending anyone they will be liked.

Kindness, on the other hand, is others-centered.  A kind person will challenge unjust practices.  A kind person knows that what they stand up for may subject themselves to ridicule and hatred.  The kind person speaks and acts against injustice simply because it is the right thing to do. The kind person does so at great personal expense.  The kind person does so anyway.

A nice person would never do such things, because a nice person is all about themselves.  A nice person is not about others, as they usually claim to be.  A nice person agrees with others because they have no backbone.  A nice person doesn’t want to offend – even when someone is behaving offensively.  A nice person complies to avoid confrontation – even when someone or something needs to be confronted.

The nice person is a coward who hides who they really are, hoping to be loved.  Unfortunately, the nice person lives in self-delusion by this hope.  How can one ever be loved, if one never shows the world who they really are?  How can one even love or respect themselves . . . if they never stand up for what they believe?  So while another fake person may grow to ‘love’ the nice person’s illusory facade; no one can ever truly love the nice person because nice people only ever reveal their fake, nice, exterior to others.

The kind person, on the other hand, strolls through the world unafraid of exterior consequences.  The kind person knows they will be hated by some people they encounter because they speak their truth and stand against the forces of deception and tyranny.  But in doing so, the kind person will always be beloved by those who would see this planet become a better place: a world filled with peace, joy, truth, love, justice and understanding.


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