The Precious Gift of Life

You were given the precious gift of life to enjoy it.  Your Creator wants you to infuse your unique talents, skills, interests and energy into every area of your life.  God empowered you to make your life an act of love.

You have been designed to find your life’s work amazing, fulfilling and rewarding.  You would do it for free, if you did not get paid for it. The Designer always sends the perfect people and resources at the perfect time to empower you to make your dreams a reality, to help you overcome your limitations, to help you enjoy life, and to enable you to unlock your utmost potential.  If you think back on your life, you will see this is true.

But it is not just your work life.  God enabled you to find fulfilment and fun in each sphere of your life.  He wants you to discover beauty in your hobbies and profound relaxation in your leisure pursuits.  He wants you to prosper emotionally and financially.  God wants you to love your friends, family and neighbors so profoundly, that you already live in Heaven.

When you decide to uphold these lofty standards in every facet of your life, and refuse to expect or accept less, you will find you are no longer riddled with regret or plagued by the ‘what-if’ questions you often pose to yourself about your life choices.

Having incredibly high standards leads you closer to God and, perhaps paradoxically, to find tranquility and contentment with all your life’s choices.


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